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Saturday, May 11, 2013


My goal is to make this a place to share tips on health, hair and happiness. So many people have spent lots of time asking me questions on health and fitness, hair and happiness.

On that point, I studied nutrition for 7 years in school. At age 18, I decided to exercise and eat healthy as a result of my aunt's untimely death. I have been on this healthy path for the past 13 years. I have also run two marathons and I am training for my third one at the end of the year. When I run and train for runs, it keeps me motivated to staying healthy.

On the point of hair, in 2009, I decided to embrace my curly hair and stopped using chemical straighteners. I began "transitioning" until I rocked a short natural hair style in October of 2010. Now, I find it enjoyable to explore with various hair styles. I am also creating my own hair cream and hair oil.

On the point of happiness, I am always striving to walk about the joy that I have found and am still finding in my life with Christ.

I plan on posting something new each week. Enjoy your time here!