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Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the run again...

My journey within the training world has begun. I will be eating, sleeping and dreaming about running. My goal is to not only beat my marathon time of 6 hours...yes...I said it, 6 hours of running. I want to run the marathon in 5:30 or less...preferably 5 hours. I will be posting throughout my running journey all about my progress. Each day and week and month, I will be working on improving upon myself, becoming leaner and healthier. My healthy lifestyle is not something I sell, it's something I live. Since I've often heard this question, "Why?" when I talk about running a marathon, I decided to list 3 simple reasons why I run marathons:

1. It's a challenge. When I decided to live a healthy lifestyle back at age 18, I found that I enjoy anything that challenges me. When I am challenged, it peaks my interest, it drives and motivates me. A huge part of running a marathon is all mental. You have to decide to run, you have to commit to run and you have to challenge yourself to do and be better than the day before.

 This was after my first marathon

2. Not everyone does it. One of my posts last month talked about my creativity and a desire to be different. I love to learn in a way so that I am original and unique. When it comes to marathons, it's not like driving a car. If I were to walk about to 100 adults who live in my city, I would find about 90 of them who own and drive a car. If I were to walk about to 100 adults and ask them if they have run a marathon, I would most likely find 10 or 20 at the most and the number could even be less than that.

 Early morning before the marathon

3. It keeps me healthy. When I am training for a race, I am motivated to eat healthy and exercise. It's a past time that causes me to take care of my body. It keeps me on the straight and narrow with my eating and exercise habits. It causes me to make sure that the gym membership is something that I actively use. I am dedicated to keeping my body in tip top shape.

You may not want to go out and run a marathon, but hopefully I can inspire you to go out and do something. You may not be able to run, but you can walk. You may not be able to walk but you can do chair exercises. There is always something that you can do, just focus on that and you can live a healthier lifestyle.