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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Journey to a new self part #2

In the last post we were able to meet an amazing woman named Vonda. I would like to continue the online interview that I had with this wonderful woman. Her story will truly inspire you.

Why did you choose to participate half marathons?

Running had always been something that I had always wanted to do. As a kid, I would envy the kids that could run those laps in physical education with ease. It was always a struggle for me because of my weight, and inactivity. In the spring of 2012, I started participating in GirlTrek. GirlTrek is a national non-profit organization that encourages African American women and girls to be more active, and to live healthier lifestyles. I started with Girltrek as a trek team leader for the Coast to Coast Walkers, but later was chosen as a 2012 GirlTrek Trailblazer. As a Trailblazer, I had to choose a dream health adventure, train for it and complete it within a year. I didn’t have to take time to think of what my dream health adventure would be, I knew I wanted to train to run a half marathon! So, after 9 months of training (thank you Jessica Rice…best trainer ever), I finally achieved my dream of becoming a runner, and completed my dream health adventure by crossing that finish line at the North Myrtle Beach Diva Half Marathon. Many people thought I was crazy because one..I had never ran a day in my life, and two…I had osteoarthritis. But I did it!!!

The lesson that we can all learn from Vonda is simple, NEVER QUIT AND DON'T GIVE UP!!! Let us all live this way everyday.