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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hairstyles for your little naturalista....

I've had lots of fun styling my daughter's hair over the past 9, nearly 10 years so I decided to post different styles for girls. Hope that these styles help to give you different ideas on styling your little one. Remember that it's important to make styling natural hair fun for your little girl. I talk about natural hair and my love for it with my little one as often as I can. I want her to grow up and embrace her curls. Let me know what you think about these styles. Some of the styles I have tried and others, I would like to try. Enjoy!

The cute hair beads are a must always.
These are a sister and brother who are letting their curls go free.
The twists are a very cute hairstyle staple.
I hope that these different hairstyles give you some wonderful ideas. I  didn't include any of the various styles that use extensions. I wanted to show that styling your naturalista can be style, easy, fast and affordable. Try the styles and let me know how it goes.