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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Homemade Hair Dye Disaster!!!!!

I have been trying to find ways to use all natural ingredients on my hair so I hopped on Pinterest to find ideas for natural hair dye. I'd already tried a synthetic type of henna, and a name brand oil based dye to no avail. I found a recipe for hair dye that used simple ingredients that I had around the house. I figured that if it worked then it would be great, but if not it wouldn't hurt me any. The ingredients were a mixture of honey, cinnamon, distilled vinegar, and my favorite conditioner. I took a before picture to see what my hair looked like when I started.

Then I started mixing all the ingredients together. I found that all of the items didn't mix well so I used an electric mixer to mix everything together. It was a brownish liquid. I started using my hands to spread it through my hair.
 This was a goop that was dripping all over my clothes and making a mess in my kitchen. I attempted to find a way to contain the drip but I forgot to buy the plastic hair caps. I improvised by using a Target shopping bag.
To make matters even worse, the goop kept dripping all over my oversized t-shirt so I decided to use my stretched out shower cap.
By this time I was getting very annoyed with the whole process, but I kept it on my head overnight with the hopes of the beautiful look I would have in the morning.
I woke up to a pillow that reeked of vinegar. I took my hair down and rinsed it out. I looked at my hair and it looked exactly the same. I went outside and looked at my hair in the sun and it looked exactly the same. I ended the day by laughing at myself for my silly attempt at dying my hair with these ingredients. I'll save these items for cooking next time.