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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A complilation of lovely divas

I have enjoyed my natural hair journey over the last 4 years and the best part of it has been meeting some many interesting woman. I love to sit and talk to woman and find out what got them on the natural hair journey. I went to church one day and ran into a trio of naturalistas that I just had to talk to. This woman peaked my interest and their style was just so lovely.

The woman with the green and white ensemble was my first feature. She has such a cool style that I decided to feature her once again.

In the middle is their lovely friend with the black and white mod style dress. She has a very cool style and sweet personality. She decided to go to school back East. We'll miss her, but she's taking her natural style with her.

Then Kristina rounds out the group with her lovely flower and cute dress. I love scarves so I can appreciate a scarf to dress up an outfit.