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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jesus in my Happiness!!!

There are many ways that people try to find happiness. I have found the source of true happiness and that is Jesus Christ.

He is the only one who came to the earth, the love us, die for us and save us from hell. Some people ask why a loving God would send anyone to hell. I am here to let you know that God does not SEND anyone to hell.

God is a holy God and He can only have absolute holiness in His presence. Some may say, "I'm a good person, so I should go to heaven." If you say that, you have a valid point the only thing is, think about this:

1. Have you every lied? Even a little white lie? If you say, "no" then you just lied.
2. Have you ever stole? Even if it was a granola bar from the store?
3. Have you ever lusted? Even if it was fantasizing about a model on a magazine cover?

If you have answered "yes" to even one of these questions then you are not absolutely holy and neither am I. I was able to answer "yes" to all of those questions.

So then the question is, "How can I make it to heaven?"

The answer is simply Jesus. He is the only "way, the truth and the life." It was His death on the cross that saved us and forever cleanses us of every sin. Choose Him and He can give you inner happiness.