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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Natural hair how-to interview....

After receiving several questions as to how  to start on the natural hair journey, I decided to post interviews from women who are already on this journey. Today I will be featuring Candi Scott. She has been wearing her hair natural for several years and she has lots of awesome tips for women.

1. Why did you decide to become natural?
I was natural for most of my life [and] always had a head full of curls. My mom permed my hair once as a little girl and my hair broke off tremendously. I was rocking a teeny weeny fro at the age of 4.
The second time I can remember was age 11, and then I chose to do it again at 15 after relocating to a new city. I always loved my hair, but didn't appreciate it when I moved to the Midwest. I wore braids for most of my HS and college career; it was just easier that way. One day while taking my braids out, it's like I noticed the waves from my new growth for the first time. My mom was against me cutting my hair and refused to do it for me. So, I went to the bathroom and went for it! I've been natural ever since. 
2. How long have you been wearing your hair natural?
Since 2004
3. What are some tips that you can give to other naturals?
-Be you! Wear your hair however you want and don't be afraid to experiment with new styles.
-Detangle with your fingers first and your favorite oil. It cuts down on breakage and you can easily handle any knots.
-Trim your ends. If you don't want to do them yourself, go to a salon for a free consult with a skilled natural hair stylist.
-Experiment with new products. 
-Deep condition monthly. 

4. What hair products do you use?  Why?
My favorite is coconut oil! It's great for detangling in preparation for washing. I also use it for styling and include it in a mixture for deep conditioning. 

I also use Eco style gel to define my curls. Garnier Fructis was a great winter leave in moisturizer. It's a light product and inexpensive about $2.50 a bottle. The product that I'm using right now is . It's great for my chunky twist outs, defining curls, and moisturizing. 

Roots of nature remedies: Butter Whip Coil Cream-perfect moisturizer and curl definer. 

Conditioners: Aussie Moist. It provides great slip and leaves my hair moisturized. 

5. How do you like to style your hair? i.e. twists, bantu knots, kinky, etc.  Why did you choose this style?
 I love to twist, braid, and rock updos and buns! BUT, my absolute  favorite way to rock my hair is simply my fro! I love to see the definition of my curls and I especially love when it's fluffy due to the humidity. For me, the bigger the better!