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Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to do a braid out....

My go to hairstyle is the braid out. I wear my hair in a braid out style most days. Here is a step by step guide to how I rock my braid out.

Step #1: Get all of your supplies together. I like to use hair cream (I make my own), Ecostyler Gel, a pick, a brush and a comb. I like to get out all of my supplies so that I know if I am able and ready to style my hair.
Step#2: Comb your hair out. I personally like to style my hair when its mostly dry. I also like to comb my hair out. I have found that this method allows for my hair to straighten it out a little. This is kind of like my version of blow-dried hair without the damaging that comes from using excessive heat on your hair. I did not include a picture of a pick, but you can get a wide-toothed comb or pick depending on your preference. Be sure to comb your hair from bottom to top to keep from ripping out your hair. The comb out, should almost look like a deflated afro.       
Step #3: Section out your hair prior to braiding it. I like to section out my hair in a super simple fashion. There are some people that part it into four different sections, but I am not really into doing it that way. I actually put my hair into a loose bun on the top of my head and have a little hair in the back of my head almost like a fuzzy tail.
Step#4: Comb a small strand of hair with a parting comb. Put cream and gel onto the strand that you planning on braiding and then braid your hair.
Continue this process until you have braided all of your hair.
Step #5: (not pictured) Wrap your hair in a stocking cap, wave cap or silk scarf.
Step #6: Now you can unbraid your hair and rock your stylish braid out look.
I find this style simple and easy because I love to exercise and  I am still in my marathon training. I can braid it at night and leave it braided when I go to the gym and let it air dry. It's a fun and easy look. I think that it gives me a kind of wavy hair, beachy look. Since I love going to the beach, it's right up my alley. Plus this is a perfect style for when your afro is growing out and your not sure how to style your hair.