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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Natural Style...

The newest feature is Natural style and I am going anywhere and everywhere to find naturalistas looking cute. My first natural woman is Joy. She is in her 20's, family is from Ghana and loves to rock her curly afro.
 She rocked a side braid and allowed the back of her hair to flow free. The top was purchased at a store called, "Freestyle", it's a local consignment shop. This naturalista is not only concerned about wearing her hair naturally, but is also concerned about the earth as well. If we all were to buy clothes at consignment shops or thrift stores, then we could help the environment.

The flower earrings were actually made by Joy. She is full of creativity and I hope that she puts the earrings on sale. I would love to thank her for allowing me to snap some photos of her.
The next Natural Style will appear on September 17.