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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Natural Style

  I am really enjoying the search for natural beauties. I am beginning to see the diversity of the styles in each of these lovely women. I was strolling my college campus and found this natural queen.
              She is a lovely woman in the early phases of her natural journey.                                        

 She styles her hair with a natural hot oil treatment.
She is rocking her natural little afro. The thing that really makes her stand out is her lovely hair color. It's a bright color, a blend of blonde and red. The color is beautiful against her skin tone.

 She loves bright colors and she snagged her top at Macy's. She was wearing a cute pair of skinny jeans with ballet flats.
 Here is a close up of her shirt. I just loved the design.
Natural is beautiful and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate it.